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Education and financial inclusion for underestimated young entrepreneurs in Latin America

Young, inexperienced, without money, not well connected, without access to resources or proper tools, without a credit record, surrounded by a complex environment...

How many young talented people do you think there are with these conditions in Latin America?

We have calculated around 95% of college students in Latin America face this situation. That is approximately 28,000 graduate students each year.

Oh, sure! There are great opportunities for the next unicorns, the next superstars who will conquer the world. Also, on the other hand, there are great niche opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, among others. These are the other 5% with good opportunities. But, what about the ones who are in the middle? What about promising professionals who need support to accelerate their success?

We know how to identify them, using our innovative and automated scoring system, and we know how to accelerate their success. This is our comprehensive EdTech-FinTech solution. We know how to bet on truly early-stage underestimated entrepreneurial talent.

Thanks to the support from Idea GTO and Microsoft for Startups, we'll be able to implement our comprehensive EdTech-FinTech solution with at least 3,000 young talents in Guanajuato State, México. Then, we will identify 50 to accelerate with financing, mentoring, follow-up, and connections. Yes, 50 are not many but are the beginning.

👌That will allow us to grow and help hundreds and thousands of promising young underestimated entrepreneurial talent in Latin America!!

Follow our journey!!!

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