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SMI Virtual FREE Event: Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Unity.

Actualizado: 9 feb 2022

The Sustainable Mayan InverTour (SMI) stands for Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and Culture.

SMI Virtual is a 2 hours free virtual event focused on "Convergence and unity for a new era.", Feb 16, 2022. 10 am CST or 5 pm CET.

According to systems thinking, INNOVATION occurs when you find similarities where only appear to be differences, while realizing differences where only appear to be similarities.

In this post-covid era, if we want to thrive as individuals and societies, we need to identify novel connections that turn into new ideas. We need to break paradigms, and INNOVATE as never before, and to redefine our relationship with health! SMI is ideal to help you identify novel and outstanding ideas, with a systems perspective!

Our speakers will give a 15-20 min talk, then we'll have a 25 min fireside chat, including questions from the audience.

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